About Opera Club

  Opera Club has access to the biggest privately held classical vocal archives!

We offer you a selection from our archive every month. We can surprise you by offering something really special for a fixed price of just € 6,- per download title. When you are looking for special performances or artists, let us know.

We digitally re-master the recordings and save them in highest quality mp3.
The recordings also include Cue Sheets.
We only sell downloadable releases!

New Toorop releases

Margareta HallinGustave BotiauxGrit van JütenMaria KurenkoAlbert da CostaEls Bolkestein

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New Fiori releases

Antoine Mariotte/Richard Strauss ~ Salomé/SalomeGaetano Donizetti ~ PoliutoGaetano Donizetti ~ Caterina CornaroGiuseppe Verdi ~ I MasnadieriGiuseppe Verdi ~ I Due FoscariGiacomo Puccini ~ La Boheme

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New Gemma releases

Lazslo Polgar ~ Song RecitalsSergei Rachmaninoff ~ Complete SongsGustav Mahler ~ Das Lied von der ErdeFrancesco Albanese ~ Neapolitan SongsAmerican SongsTeresa Berganza ~ Song Recitals

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New Fledermaus releases

Carl Millöcker ~ Das verwunschene SchlossRichard Heuberger ~ Der OpernballJacques OffenbachFunny GirlClaude Terrasse M.F. Caballero ~ Los Sobrinos del capitan Grant

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