Fiori: Giuseppe Verdi ~ Macbeth


Lady Macbeth
Dama di Lady Macbeth

Renato Bruson
Agostino Ferrin
Grace Bumbry
Wilma Colla
Luciano Saldari
Paride Venturi
Bernardino di Bagno

Orchestra e Coro del Teatro Communale di Bologna

Conductor Armando Gatto

Bologna, Teatro Communale
March 18, 1975


In this recording itís obviously about the combination of Renato Bruson and Grace Bumbry. The audience has evidently come to cheer on their favourite baritone and Bumbry clearly has to fight for the attention of her initially cool public. This recording of her Lady is the best ever and with Renata Scotto the best interpretation of the past years. Vocally Bumbry conquers on all levels. Renato Bruson is also in top form and together with Grace Bumbry itís a great experience.


CD Length and Format:

CD 1 79.10 minutes
CD 2 70.31 minutes

The CDs are in MP3 Format (320 kbps), with Cue Sheets.